Sweet Nutraceuticals LLC has solved the problem of the bitter taste, hydroscopicity, and low solubility, associated with creatine by creating creatine acesulfame and creatine saccharin.

Our sweet salts of creatine can be used in sweetener sticks and as a sweetener for soft drinks or snacks. This product is also suitable for use in nutritional supplements, such as fitness products.  This intellectual property creates unique opportunities for new food and beverage formulations.


Creatine monohydrate is:
◙  Bitter tasting
◙  Hydroscopic
◙  Doesn’t dissolve well


New salts of creatine are:
◙  Sweet tasting
◙  Stable at room temperature and in water solutions
◙  Readily dissolves in water


Sweet salts of creatine provide sweetness of a zero-calorie sweetener along with the muscle-gaining properties of creatine.
Sweet salts of creatine have proven stability in water solutions at room temperature and therefore be used as sweetening agents for soft drinks.
New salts of creatine can be used as sweeteners for  snack foods.
Sweet creatine can be used as a powder for nutritional supplements, often used to enchance muscle gain.
Sweet salts of creatine can boost the creatine content in a creatine-based formulation.
Sweets salts of creatine are suitable to be a part of a formulation for pre- or post-workout protein shakes.